VRML by mattt chisholm

All of this VRML is version 2.0 and has only been tested on silicon graphics machines and evil windoze using cosmoplayer 2 and netscape 3.

spz szp psz pzs zsp zps
A spiral tower shape. Look at the different viewpoints, especially "Eye's Eyeball." 7k.
Isometric Projection Of The Hypercube In Three Dimensions
That's about it; a hypercube is a four dimensional cube. Try to see all the different squished cubes in the hypercube: there are sixteen cubes in all. 2.8k
Truncated Trickery
A math project cataloging all the regular tilings of three dimensional space produced by combining the tetrahedron, cube, and octahedron and their regular truncations. 6.4k
First look at rhombic1.wrl, then look at rhombic2.wrl, and then try to figure out rhombic.wrl.
The Persistence Of VRML
my final project with Jeff Bean for my VRML class. Careful though- it's 1.6 MB (1,621,430B).

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