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Yoda of Borg
"Futile is resistance. Assimilated you will be, yes. Yoda of Borg I am."
not my joke-saw it in someone's sig file...
This image was created in photoshop 3.0 on Fred, a powermac 8200 with 32 MB of ram and a really honkin' big monitor. Fred resides in the press center at UCSC, along with Wilma, Mulder and Sculley. The press center is where we produce the Fish Rap Live!.

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Fan Mail:
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 09:32:12 PST
From: nykk staracer 
Subject: Your pictures

I saw your pics on your site. How can you actually make a picture with Yoda
as a borg? That is sick. Taking a pic one of the Universe's coolest guys and
reducing it to that low level of patheticness. Star Wars and Star Ttrek
should never be merged unless Star Wars ships are blasting the hell out of
Trekky fag ships. That's the only acceptable entertainment that could come
from it. It's like comparing the best thing ever Star Wars with the world's
biggest mistake Star Trek.

Date: 14 Oct 2003 22:00:18.0898 (UTC)
From: Paul
Subject: Fellow Trekkie

Ok what you did was awsome i knew that yoda didnt stand a chance against the
borg lol anyway i just wanted to know if you have the email of the guy who is
dising you becuase i want to talk to him. He is a jackass hahha star wars is
the disgrace with their unreal technology BAH!
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