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If anyone wants to help me complete this list, the songs that I need badly are listed here, in chronological order. Mail lyrics to strthrwr (at) theory.org. Special thanks to Robert Dudley Dickinson for writing up most of the lyrics to Self Portrait and New Morning. Thanks also to Carl Horwitz for some lyrics from Self Portrait, Before the Flood, Knocked Out Loaded, & Down in the Groove.
  • Before the Flood
    • 7 Up on Cripple Creek
    • 9 Endless Highway
    • 10. Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
    • 11. Stagefright
    • 15 Shape I'm In
    • 16 When You Awake
    • 17 Weight
  • The Basement Tapes
    • 2. Orange Juice Blues (Blues for Breakfast)
    • 8. Bessie Smith
    • 15. Ain't No More Cane

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