The Periodic Table of the Europeans

2007 Edition

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Take heed, chemists! The forty-nine countries of Europe have finally been organized in their very own periodic table! This useful table contains enough demographic data about the continent to satisfy even the most devoted geography (or chemistry) buffs. For each country, the table includes:

Extreme Close-up:

With this Periodic Table of the Europeans, Dimitry Mendeleev's one-hundred and thirty-nine year stranglehold on useful periodic tables has finally been broken! No European Union bureaucrat's office will be complete without this single reference document for all of his or her administrative paperwork.

What linguistic family is Moldovan in, again? Is Ukraine actually a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States? What's the international calling code for Azerbaijan? Is Kazakhstan actually part of Europe or what? The answers to these questions, and to many more you never knew you had, are at your fingertips, with The Periodic Table of the Europeans.

This Periodic Table of the Europeans is available for purchase as a poster or on light and dark t-shirts. Get one for the chemical-geographical demographist or infographical fetishist in your family today!

Special thanks to all the travelers who gave me encouragement and feedback while I was developing this idea!

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