digest v 0.9

Copyright 2002 by Matt Chisholm, matt (at) theory dot org
This software is licensed under the GNU GPL.

What is it?

Digest is a program to generate HTML index pages and image previews for collections of images. It is fast and simple, and it creates HTML that is compact, quick-rendering and does not rely on JavaScript or CSS. Click here to see a sample of what it does.


Digest is written in the fantastic Python language and uses the python-imaging module to read images and create thumbnails.


Download it here: digest.py.gz.

Supported and unsupported file types

Digest supports all filetypes supported by python-imaging; currently this includes JPG, JPEG, JPE, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF, AND BMP.


In addition to creating thumbnails for supported file types, Digest will also use thumbnails for files or directories created by other programs or created by hand. For example, if you have created a thumbnail for a file named ./foo-bar.mpeg, digest will look for a thumbnail in ./.cache/foo-bar.jpg. A thumbnail for a directory ./dirname/ would be located in ./.cache/dirname.jpg.

If a directory contains images and has no hand-created thumbnail in its parent directory, digest will use the first image in the directory to generate a thumbnail for the directory.


Digest can be invoked from the command line with a list of directories to index; if the list is empty, Digest will index the current directory. Command line options can appear anywhere in the list of directories and apply to all directories.

Command line option Description Default value
General options
-l --links index/follow symbolic links like directories off
-nl --nolinks do not index/follow symbolic links on
-r --recurse generate indices for all subdirectories off
-c --cols number of columns per index page 8
--rows number of rows per index page
("--rows 0" will include all rows in one page)
--thumbsize maximum pixel dimensions of thumbnail 96
File names
--cache name of directory to cache thumbnails in .cache/
--index name of file to store index in index
--suffix suffix of file to store index in .html
--thumb name of folder-thumbnail folder
--ext thumbnail extension/filetype .jpg
With these default file name settings, ./.cache/file.jpg is the thumbnail file for ./file.EXT.
HTML appearance
--text text color ffffff
--link link color ffff00
--vlink visited link color e0b000
--alink active link color ff0000
--bgcolor background color 000000
All colors in must be given in HTML color format.
Ignored directories
--skip If this file is present in a directory, the directory will skipped by digest; it will not be indexed, but it will appear in the index for the parent directory. .digest_skip
--ignore If this file is present in a directory, the directory will be ignored by digest. It will not be indexed and it will not appear in the index file for the parent directory. It will be effectively invisible. .digest_ignore
-h --help print help message

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